connectEDspace - support for young people

Young people can face all sorts of pressures – including problems at school, with friends or at home.
connectEDspace is a website by Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV), dedicated to young people to help provide all the information they need to deal with the stuff they go through each day.

Aboriginal Family and Relationship Support

RAV provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and individuals to help strengthen family relationships.

Counselling provides an opportunity to talk with a professionally trained person to discuss couple issues, conflicts with friends, relationship breakdown, parenting, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, grief, sexual problems, childhood sexual abuse, stress and work related tensions and disputes.


You can gain employment with Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV) if you are:-

  • an Australian citizen: a birth certificate, citizenship certificate or current passport is proof of eligibility,
  • a permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand citizen who has entered Australia on a valid passport: you are allowed to stay and work in Australia without restriction,
  • a non-citizen with a valid visa that provides work rights: a current passport containing the visa is proof of eligibility.  As the visa has an expiry date, non-citizens can only engage in casual, temporary or fixed term roles that do not extend beyond the expiry date.  Visitors on a Working Holiday visa are permitted to work in temporary or casual roles, but for no longer than six months with any one employer.

Documents that are a proof of Right to Work-

  • Full Australian Birth Certificate (if born before 20 August 1986) and a form of photo ID,
  • Full Australian Birth Certificate (if born on or after 20 August 1986), a form of photo ID and evidence that at least one parent was an Australian citizen or permanent resident at the time of the child's birth,
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate,
  • Australian Passport,
  • New Zealand Passport,
  • New Zealand Birth Certificate and a form of photo ID,
  • Certificate of evidence of resident status,
  • Valid visa with work rights.

Documents that are not a proof of Right to Work -

  • Tax File Number,
  • Driver's licence,
  • Medicare card,
  • Bank account,
  • Referrals from employment agencies,
  • References from previous employers.